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Episodes are offline for a bit…

Here’s a post from Dave about the episodes.  You’ll have to keep watching the shorts for a while!


Hello folks! I’m here to make a super duper important announcement! Crack your toes in excitement!

If you backed our Kickstarter at $15 or up, or if you later bought a Season Pass for those first 11 episodes we made (also known as Season 1), FOLLOW THIS LINK and DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING (plus some new bonus stuff we just added!):

The reason for this is that on August 17th, we are removing Season 1 from the website and from YouTube, as part of a big announcement to be made at New York Comic Con this October.

These HD video files belong to you, as promised, and you should go download and keep them forever. On August 17th, we’re going to have to remove those files from the site for mysterious reasons that will be explained in our big announcement at New York Comic Con.

All the shorts will stay up (and will continue weekly for the foreseeable future, thanks to you guys), and all of the Season 1 DVDs and Blu Rays will ship out to our $30 and up backers as planned.

Thank you for helping us far, far exceed our Kickstarter expectations and create weekly cartoons WAY beyond our original goal. We’re excited to share more info with you as soon as we can!

Thanks guys!